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2019 Equity Grant Application

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2019 Success Award Application



Rapid City Branch Programs 2018-2019

This year’s program, “Women’s Voices”, is built on the theme from Women’s Suffrage. 100 Years Ago, South Dakota Women Used Their Voices To Win The Right To Vote. What Are We Saying Today?

September 8, 10 am @ Western Dakota Technical Institute. WDT President, Dr. Ann Bolman discusses educational opportunities and non-traditional job training for women today.
• October 6, 2018, 10 am @ Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn. Amanda Scott, City Council President, along with Laura Armstrong and Darla Drew, City Councilwomen discuss challenges and opportunities for elected women in leadership positions in Rapid City.
• November 3, 10 am @ Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn. Constance Walter, M.S., Communication Director, Sanford Underground Research Facility will provide an overview of the lab and share some unexpected employment opportunities for women.
• December 1, 10 am @ Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn. Nancy Babbitt, MD, discusses the most challenging health issues facing women. (To Be Rescheduled due to weather.)
• January 5, 10 am @ Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn. Nancy Rosenbrahn shares, “Come to the Edge Life Said.” Nancy and her wife, Jennie are one of six couples who filed a federal lawsuit in 2014 seeking to block South Dakota’s gay marriage ban.
• February 2, 10 am @ Adult Day Center of the Black Hills, 4110 Winfield Street.
In our roles as wives and mothers, women are the primary caretakers in life. This facility is the only adult day center in the Black Hills. Join us to gain appreciation of how such services enrich the lives of their guests.
• March 2, 10 am @ Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn. Dorothy Rosby, Community Relations Director at Black Hills Works and Dr. Justine Ashokar, Ph.D., Director of Clinical Services at The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center will discuss the many services they offer to those with disabilities and the impact for the community.
• April 6, 10 am @ Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn. The National 100th Right to Vote Anniversary approaches! South Dakota native and suffragette historian Ruth Page Jones will outline South Dakota’s somewhat rocky road to ratifying the women’s right to vote. Success Awards will also be presented.
• May 4, 10 am @ Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn. Our annual Equity Grant presentations and election of branch officers will close out of another successful year!