Aberdeen, South Dakota

The Aberdeen Branch was started in 1924, and we are still active today. Our local activities include:

Branch meetings four times yearly. Our next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, October 27, at noon. The topic will be the state issues in the next election. Please call 226-0891 if you would like to join us.

Our annual Used Book Sale, is held every September. The proceeds go to our scholarship funds, which include an endowed scholarship for non-trad students at Northern State University. We are proud that in 2013 we held our 45th Book Sale!

Come join us in January and February for  a discussion on Foreign Policy issues, called Great Decisions. The group meets at lunch time and anyone is welcome to join us.

In partnership with the Aberdeen National Weather Service office and Northern State University, we support the Women in Science Conference. This is a one-day conference, held every March, to encourage young girls to enter STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers.

Please contact Joyce at 226-0891 for any information about Aberdeen AAUW.